About MAPP International Productions

MAPP International Productions is a nonprofit producing and touring organization dedicated to engaging audiences through contemporary performing arts projects and artistic experiences that offer fresh interpretations of social issues and forge connections between the artist and the community. MAPP International is recognized for producing nontraditional artists who tackle complex subject matter, experiment with form, and push the cultural conversation forward in society. Current program areas include: New Works, MAPP on Tour, Artist-Community Dialogues, The America Project and The Africa Contemporary Arts Consortium. The common goal of these programs is to promote artistic and community engagement and the exchange of ideas on a local, national and international stage.

Over 19 years, MAPP International has invested in and brought to the forefront artists who cross barriers of discipline, geography, culture, race and language in their commitment to shedding light on wide ranging issues such as the stigma of mental illness; the resistance to seeing the true costs of war; the tension between the green movement and environmental justice; contemporary slavery on the African continent; the impact of community norms on individual growth; even the place of artists in the world. In the aggregate, we are producing a body of work that broadly documents our times and, in doing so, moves society forward. We are dedicated to ensuring that these works achieve the artists’ most ambitious visions while offering varied points of meaningful connection for the public—so diverse people have multiple opportunities to engage with both high quality artistic work and the ideas, issues and inspirations at its core.